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The Great Minnesota Get Together (aka the State Fair)

I am an unabashed fan of the Minnesota State Fair.  My preference is to arrive early in the morning so I can see the kids compete in the 4H activities but this year I couldn’t make it before the afternoon.

Of course there’s an endless variety of great-tasting-but-bad-for-you foods (and I indulge liberally) but there’s also a fresh fruit stand and every year I get one of their fantastic Colorado peaches (the best bargain at the fair).  Every year I also get a flu shot (free with my insurance card). I also like to stop by the Dairy building to see the likeness one of the Princess Kay dairy maidens being carved into a 70 lb block of butter (which she gets to take home at the end of the fair).

But there are always new things at the Fair too!  Where else would you see a 700lb wad of paper (the world’s largest) or a live glassblowing demonstration?  In the end the Fair is a bittersweet event - I look forward to it, but it marks the end of the summer.

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