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Equal opportunity recognition

A neat thing happened today; my daughter won two awards for her art.  Even better, one of her works was judged as Superior in it’s class, so she got a medal in addition to a certificate.  (She missed best in show by just one point!)

I really like the fact that they awarded medals at an art show.  High school artists will never have an alumni booster club, bleachers of fans or cheerleaders and that’s too bad because I know my daughter spends as much time working on her art and photography as her brother spent running when he was captain of his cross country team.

Beth and I have enjoyed going to the art exhibits the last few years and will miss them when Katy goes to college.  So we were surprised how few parents were in attendance.  Would those parents have skipped their daughter’s soccer game or track meet?

Photography is an interest that Katy and I share, but her art and typography skills are all her own.  Beth and I are amazed by Katy’s abilities as we’re both quantitative business school types with drawing skills that can produce little more than stick figures and lollipop trees.

Katy is responsible for introducing us to Tumblr - you can check out her stuff at Fries of Freedom.

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